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Monday, August 21, 2017

Handbag and Book with Caris Roane #accessories #fashion #paranormalromance

Handbag and Book with
Caris Roane
I keep trying out purses, trying to find the right one. I’ve gotten very close with this version. It’s not too big. Not too small. It has an open area in the main part of the purse, as in no dividers. I like that a lot. It has one zipper pocket on the inside, one large one on the outside as well as a smaller zipper pocket. In addition, it has a small, exterior flap pocket that has a magnetic closure. The strap is adjustable.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

When I was locked up in French Guiana #author Beverley Oakley #traveltales #historical romance

Travel and Book with
Beverley Oakley
As the ‘trailing’ spouse of a pilot husband (a handsome Norwegian I met in Botswana’s Okavango Delta 25 years ago) I have lots of fun holiday stories, but my French Guiana travel experience was a bit traumatic (though there is a bit of romance in it, too).

Recently, a Labour MP was in the Australian news for being denied entry to the US while on government business. I know, personally, that it’s not fun being deported, though I imagine Vancouver Immigration was more polite than the French Guianese Immigration Official who ordered my deportation back to Miama some years ago and that he wasn’t ordered to sleep on a wooden bench until the next flight out of Cayenne, 24 hours later.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Highlights of #RWA2017 #booksigning #travelingtoOrlando

I had the best time thanks to my fabulous roomie, Sylvia McDaniel. We chatted 'til the wee hours and were up with the sunrise, our feet taking quite a beating.

I participated in the indie book signing and the Literacy book signing, a first at RWA for me.

I was able to visit with many friends: Sharon Buchbinder who had me laughing;
Susan Dunn who showed off her handbag; Beverley Bateman, Silver James, Debbie Ward who wanted to know which handbag I brought (I also owe Beverley!); being with the Sisterhood of Suspense girls-Sarah, Sharon, Stephanie, and Veronica; Liese for arranging the best dinner ever with fireworks, Tina Dick for being the nicest person and bringing me German chocolate. To all the friends I’ve made over the years who stopped by the signing and bought my book, took pictures, and gave me hugs. You made my day very special.

Usually, I come away with one thing to work on. I attended lots of different workshops: Mark Dawson, a couple on emotion, and Story Genius. All looked at the h/h’s wound, what caused it, what misbelief they carried as a result, and how they will change by the end of the book.
By Sunday morning, Sylvia and I were on the way to the airport where we quickly went through security. (I heartily recommend precheck!) It’s hard to believe all the fun was over two weeks ago!

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